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Angels For Lauren

The pages you are about to view tell the the story of a very special
little girl named Lauren. She, was, is and always will be, "Our Angel".

auren is special because she's a child of God, because God created
her, because God loaned her to us for a little while, because God sent angels to visit her before her death and she told us about them, and lastly, because she is a DAUGHTER, SISTER, GRANDDAUGHTER, NIECE, GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER, COUSIN and FRIEND to so many who are left behind to miss her BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY, BRIGHT and SHINING face!!

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Angels For Lauren

Angels For Lauren

The song heard throughout the site, except where otherwise noted, is
"I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly. It was played at Lauren's funeral
and has a special meaning for her family.

Angels For Lauren-Forever-Nine is written and owned by Joyce Allman.
Do not copy, reproduce or take any part of this site without the owners
written permission. All art, to the best of my knowledge, is public domain
unless otherwise noted. All graphics property of owner.