My baby boy was born when I was only six months pregnant. Everything had been going well until I went into premature labor. I had been having a few cramps that day but didn't seem out of the ordinary . He was my third child and in the two previous pregnancies I had experienced some mild cramping so I wasn't really worried.

I went to bed as usual and got up during the night to use the restroom, before I made it to the bathroom my water broke, then I was really worried, I knew something was terribly wrong, it was way too early for him to be born.

We went to the hospital, excited and scared at the same time, they confirmed that my water had broke and that I was in labor. They immediatley tried to stop the labor with medication but that did not work, he was determined to be born. My temperature shot sky high and they decided to do an emergency C-section and Dustin Allman was born.

He fought but the doctors did not have much hope for him. They told us that he probably would not make it. They were right, he went to Heaven on the third day after his birth.

I never got to hold my baby in my arms, I only saw him once through the I.C.U. Nursery window. I was not allowed out of bed but they made an exception because they knew that it might be my only chance to see my baby.

Dustins daddy and my brother Ed were the only other family members to see him. This was 1977 and they did things a lot differently then, I know that today parents are given time to be with their child. We never had the chance.

We have no pictures of him only his tiny little footprints. I can still clearly see him in my mind even though I saw him only briefly and it has been nearly 23 years.

We Love You Dustin